Categorization of games

Bumping Car

5 − 6 cars move together in 800 − 1000 sq ft area, where whole family can drive & enjoy the ride together for around 5 min.

Horror Planet

A kind of Scary house, having electronic effects (like hanging body, body coming out of drum, cupboard, dead body lying on bed) are used to create the feeling of scare, whole family can enter together & enjoy.

Soft Play

A setup with a structure like House or Garden, various other items like small toys, big balls, and slides are kept inside and kids can enjoy for around ½ hrs, at a time 10 − 15 kids can enjoy together.

Bowling Alley

80 Ft straight 2 − 6 lane, where we provide different weight balls looking at Kids, Teenager & adults to enjoy Bowling for around ½ hrs.

Redemption Games

Among this category we provide different types of games which suits all the different age groups like Kids, Teenager & Parents. In these games customers are required to make some score while playing & based on it they get the ticket from the machine, collected Tickets are used to redeem the gifts from gift counter (we gather gifts ranging from 10 Tickets to 20,000 Tickets), customers can accumulate the tickets in their play card till his card is valid (normally 1 year from the day he last used).

Vending Games

Machine where we keep Mobile Phone (currently using Apple Iphone series), Play Station, Teddy Beers, Chocolates and many other gifts items, which customer can take away with them if they won it directly from the machine. Age group ( 6 yrs − adult)

Video Games

Bikes, Cars, Gun shooting, Air Hockey. For all age group 5 yrs − Adults.

Kiddie Rides

For small kids we have Train, other characters which comes in motion when child sits on it. For age group 2 yrs − 5 yrs

9Di, 7D, VR

Are the Virtual movie arena, for Age group 4 yrs to Adult, different are there like cartoon, horror, Adventure etc. Snow, Smoke & Bubble effects are there to give actual feeling.